Jobs For Felons In Ohio [Find Openings]

Finding a job with a felony conviction can be an uphill struggle for many former prisoners. Even with the best qualifications, many companies are unwilling to take a chance on someone who has served time in prison. The odds are even worse for some categories of former inmates based on their race, gender and educational … Read more

Jobs for Felons in Virginia [Find Openings]

The diversity of Virginia’s economy means that it continues to produce jobs in a number of areas. This should be good news for ex-felons who typically have difficulty finding employment. However, many former inmates still find it difficult to find employment. This is largely due to the unease many employers feel about the idea of … Read more

Assistance for Felons in Washington State

Assistance for Felons in Washington State

With its relatively strong economy, Washington State attracts job seekers in many categories. Finding employment for ex-felons is always challenging even in a state like Washington, which is the nation’s fourth largest exporter. People without criminal records will always be given priority, and to some extent, there is discrimination against former convicts. Some ex-felons returning … Read more